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10 Pro Tips for Dating Ukrainian Women in Odessa

A photo of a couple having a romantic dinner
Discover how you can win the hearts of Ukrainian women.

As you may have already known, Ukrainian women are remarkably adorable.

If you’re considering dating one soon, you should know that these women are different from foreign ladies all over the globe. With that said, they do require a special strategy when it comes to their dating scene.

Here, we are going to discuss the 10 proven tips for dating Ukrainian women in Odessa.

Men are required to make the first move.

Odessa, Ukraine --- one of the cities where guys are still expected and encouraged to make the first move.

If you genuinely want to win an Odessa woman’s heart, it would be up to you to approach the lady and ask her out.

These women are highly unlikely to start chatting with you first, especially since they believe that a lady should be modest.

Don’t underestimate.

Ukrainian ladies are indeed beautiful.

Most of the ones you’ll probably meet are into high fashion brands and follow the latest trends. Aside from that, they read a lot and are considerably intelligent.

So don’t take Slavic women very lightly. They may appear easy-going, but you’ll be surprised to know that they are quite smart.

Talk about family and the future.

If you want your dates with Ukrainian women to succeed you may consider talking about family in the future.

Beautiful Ukrainian women dream about being happily married to the man they love and having kids of their own.

Even when at first, they are unsure about what they want, they are only interested in men who indicate that they are planning on securing a future with a loving wife.

In other words, these women are looking for men who have serious intentions.

They only want to date men who are interested in creating a family with them in the not so distant future, not guys who just want to have a fling or short-term relationship.

If in the West, females are freaking out because men are way too intense with their romantic intentions, Ukrainian women are the complete opposite. They tend to freak out if you’re too casual.

If you’re from the United States, we know that most people there are into casual dating, but if you’re planning on marrying a Ukrainian woman someday, keep in mind that it has to be a serious affair.

Take note that these women are obliged to dream about getting married as soon as possible, otherwise, they would be looked down on in society.

So the next time you go out on a date with a Ukrainian woman, try telling her that you want to get married and have a family of your own soon. Through this, you may just get lucky.

You see, talking about wanting to settle down and desiring a family will make you appear extremely attractive as a dating prospect for Ukrainian ladies in Odessa.

Pay the bill.

In Odessa, it’s still the man’s responsibility to pay the bill when they go out on a date.

Men are rewarded in return because it’s the women who are expected to clean, cook, do the washing, ironing, and shopping later on in the relationship.

That doesn’t mean that they are not independent, though. This just means that you have to prove your manliness first.

Remember, never ask for a split check when dating a Ukrainian woman, unless you want to get rid of her.

Just be a gentleman and pay the bill.

Flowers solve anything and everything.

The culture of bringing a woman flowers in Ukraine is still very much appreciated to this day.

Most often, these are given by men during the courting phase. It’s also necessary for you to give Ukrainian ladies flowers as symbolic milestones.

If you don’t know what flowers to bring on your first date, we got you covered.

If it’s a young lady you’re dating, give her flowers that are of light, pastel colors with half-opened buds. If it’s a mature woman, give her a bright blossoming flower.

As for the kind of flowers to buy for a Ukrainian woman, below are some important details you might want to consider:

You can give all these flowers to the Ukrainian woman you’re dating, but if you don’t give it by heart, then it wouldn’t mean a thing.

At the end of the day, it does not matter what kind of flowers you give, as long as you make sure that your intentions are expressed too.

Treat her like a dainty lady.

If you’re still confused about how to date women in Ukraine, remember that not only should you act like an alpha, but also be one.

Open doors for her, pull up chairs, pay for the taxi, take care of the dinner bill, and so on --- just be a complete gentleman.

Show your masculinity.

Money isn’t actually what Ukrainian women need.

Some really do not bother about how much money you have on your bank account, but to win their hearts, you have to work hard.

Show them your masculinity and how you’ll make a responsible husband and loving father. As a result, you’ll be on our way to winning them over.

Compliment your date and make her laugh.

Compliment her every day. Tell her how nice she looks in her dress and how her light makeup enhances her beauty even more.

Mind you, these ladies took the time and energy to look good for you. So you might as well give them credit for it.

Another excellent way to melt a Ukrainian woman's heart is by making her laugh constantly. Be sure not to try too hard. Just be natural. You can research some jokes on the internet and find the right time to share them with your lovely date.

Give her your full attention.

Once you’ve started the dating phase with a Ukrainian beauty, make sure you give her your full attention.

Text her, call her, visit her place if she permits it, be sweet to her, and invite her to go out on a date again.

These ladies tend to be insecure when it comes to attention. So if they don’t get the attention they want from you, they might think you’re not that interested.

Respect her.

Last but not the least, the key to a successful and healthy relationship is respect.

This is very crucial when dating Ukrainian women. The reason why some of them opted to date Western men is because men from their home country are believed to be rude and cold-hearted.

Therefore, when you are dating Ukraine singles in Odessa, or any other city in Ukraine, show them your admiration and make them feel safe both morally and physically.

And here you have it: the 10 proven tips for dating Ukrainian women in Odessa.

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