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Dating Advice: Safely Connecting with a Ukrainian Woman Online

Image of Ukrainian woman logging on to dating site.
Navigate the online dating world with ease by following these tips.

Ever since dating sites and apps were created, the dating world suddenly seemed limitless; as if a whole new world was opened up and the choice of potential matches was neverending. This has also led to an increase in couples who engage in international dating because users realized that they could just as easily connect with potential matches from across the globe (such as Ukrainian women).

Because of its accessibility and easy usage, this new medium of meeting people has confounded a portion of its users. That’s because users can shirk the conventional methods of romance. For example, users can easily know the background of their potential matches way before even having dinner with them.

While the world of online dating can be overwhelming, you can still participate without losing your head in the process. Here are a few tips to help you navigate dating sites and apps:

  1. Be mindful of customs and norms.

    This applies when you are dating someone from another country. For example, if your date is from Odessa, then you have to be mindful of Ukrainian culture. People there hold Ukrainian values to a high standard, even when it comes to romance. That’s why courtship practices are still highly regarded and incorporated in Ukraine lifestyle. So if you are dating a Ukrainian woman, you would have to woo her the old fashioned way.

  2. Be yourself.

    Don’t pretend to be someone else online. No matter how much you conform to someone else’s standards, that doesn’t guarantee anyone would be with you once you reveal your true colors. But if you are honest with yourself from the start, you aren’t setting yourself up for failure. While that limits your pool of prospects, you can be assured that the few remaining are attracted to who you really are.

  3. Respond in a timely manner.

    Don’t you find it rude when the person you’re talking to takes time to answer or—even worse—ignores you completely? If you find this habit annoying face to face, then it should be just as irritating online. While it’s understandable to read messages a little late, it’s simply rude not to respond at all. Even when the hour is late, take time to reply and explain why you weren’t able to respond on time.

  4. Ask for clarification or more context.

    When conversing with someone online, you’re basically reading each other’s messages. Because there is no element of listening, it can be quite easy to misinterpret someone’s words. To avoid miscommunication, always ask follow-up questions, especially for statements that you find particularly alarming. It’s better to ask for more context than to jump to conclusions. Better yet, find ways to speak to each other so that you could hear from the person’s voice whether she is sincere or not.

  5. Avoid oversharing.

    While it is important to be true to yourself, you shouldn’t reveal too much, especially sensitive information (such as your number, address, etc.). That’s because there are people that would use these pertinent details against you. Only provide information that would reveal your personality, not your entire background. This way, you can protect yourself from scammers and catfishers.

These tips will definitely help you not be in over your head once you start dating online. They could also serve as guidelines so you don’t do something you’d regret later on. Ultimately, all these suggestions will help you navigate the world of online dating.