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Top Travel Destinations to Visit in Odessa Ukraine

A photo of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater
Discover the top travel destinations to visit in Odessa Ukraine.

Why visit Odessa Ukraine?

Located in the southwestern part of the country, Odessa is the fourth largest city, also known as the Black Sea port city of Ukraine. Famous for its breathtaking views and beaches, as well as its 19th-century historical architecture, the city of Odessa is indeed a place to behold. What’s more is that it is home to some of the most beautiful and delightful ladies you will ever meet—Ukrainian women.

In case you didn’t know already, Odessa is the most traveled city in Ukraine with over thousands of tourists visiting every year. If you want to visit the city, here are some of the top travel destinations that you should add to your checklist:

1.Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

This spectacular theater was first built and opened to the public in 1810, but was destroyed in a fire 63 years later. It was the first opera house established in the country, and is one of the five most beautiful in the world.

Renowned architecture firm Fellner and Helmer was responsible for the reopening of the theater in 1887 and many others across Europe. Since then, thousands of tourists from neighboring cities and countries have been visiting this place. You can take a daytime tour to learn about the history of the arena or buy tickets to watch shows in the evening at an affordable price.

As you know, countries in Eastern Europe are renowned for their contribution to the arts, one of which is creating some of the best opera houses in the world. So whether or not you’re traveling to Odessa for the first time, giving this famous theater a visit should be at the top of your list.

2. Deribasovskaya Street

If you want to shop around Odessa or eat in one of the most frequented restaurants in the city, Deribasovskaya Street is the place for you. Also referred to as Derybasivska, this street is Odessa’s beating heart and home to some of the best clubs in Odessa, Ukraine. It is named after Neapolitan Jose de Ribas, who is also one of the city’s founders.

Not only is this place frequented by Ukrainian women who love to shop, but it is also popular with many Ukrainian couples. If you like an area where you can talk with a beautiful Ukrainian girl over coffee, this street would capture the ambience that you’re looking for.

3. City Garden

The City Garden is the oldest park in Odessa Ukraine, which was founded and landscaped by Felix de Ribas, the brother of Jose de Ribas, in 1803. The park showcases a number of historical monuments that honor the city’s cultural figures. Inside the park are old and ancient trees with beautiful flowers and benches. The wonderful park is the perfect place to relax and watch Ukrainian couples strolling around with their pets. There is also a band stand where musicians can play Ukrainian songs as part of the city’s nightlife experience.

4. Odessa Passage

Just around the corner of Deribasovskaya Street is a lavish 19th-century shopping passage. The Odessa Passage is stuffed with cafes, shops, restaurants, and other centers where tourists go to enjoy and have a relaxing time. Not only that, this passage also includes a hotel on the upper three floors of the building—which was considered the best one in the city. This place has also contributed to the famous Odessa Ukraine nightlife. If you want to stay within the heart of the city where you have access to almost everything, this spot should be your go-to destination.

5. Port of Odessa

This is basically the largest port in the country—also known as Odessa Commercial Sea Port. Not only does it serve as a commercial seaport to transfer cargo, but it is also one of the most attractive destinations in the city. This place is ideal if you would like to enjoy the nice and cozy breeze of the Black Sea Coast. Some locals and tourists visit this place for dates or long walks along the sea. If you wish to travel to Odessa, this has to be one of the best spots to visit.

6. Odessa Dolphinarium Nemo

If you want to take a break from visiting all kinds of historical monuments and attractions, and you wish to relax while watching some fun shows, the Odessa Dolphinarium Nemo should do the trick. The famous dolphin aquarium opened in 2005 at Langeron Beach, 25 and has been a popular attraction for people in Odessa, particularly those who want to visit and witness one of Europe's best dolphin shows. Not only that, this site also includes hotels and a dolphin therapy center.

7. Potemkin Stairs

History says this 192-step grand staircase was built as a present from Prince Vorontsov to his wife during 1840. This ceremonious stairway is the entrance to Odessa from the port. One of the quirks about this is that the bottom part is much broader than the top. This is to create the illusion that the staircase is larger when viewed from below. If you are looking for a place where you can talk more with your Ukrainian date, this should be the perfect place for you.

8. Langeron Beach

Odessa is famous for its beaches, and one of the most visited is Langeron Beach, also referred to as Lanzheron. During the months of July and August, this city beach becomes packed with locals and tourists who wish to enjoy the warm water and breeze of the Black Sea Coast. The beach also has a variety of restaurants so you won’t need to go to other places to eat, as well as nearby hotels if you want to stay for a night or two. If you want to impress a Ukrainian girl from Odessa, consider taking her to the beach and having a lovely dinner by the sea.

9. Odessa Catacombs

There’s a lot to appreciate about the history of Odessa Ukraine, and the great thing about this is even the slightest interest in wanting to learn about the city and how it came to be is an added charm on your behalf. This means that you’re one step closer to impressing women, those in Odessa to be exact.

The Odessa Catacombs story has great historical significance. This was once a hiding place for Soviet partisans during World War II. Now, this underground place serves as a museum which showcases the events that took place over the years. It is approximately 1,553 miles long, so the best way to explore these tunnels is if you have an experienced tour guide with you.

The aforementioned travel destinations are only a few of the reasons why Odessa is one of the best cities to visit when in Ukraine. Whether you visit during summer, autumn, or winter, the city always has something interesting to offer. The best part about traveling here is that you will have the opportunity to be accompanied by beautiful Ukrainian women, making your overall travel experience more fun and exciting.

While there are many ways to admire the beauty and history of Odessa Ukraine, it’s usually more worthwhile to do so in the company of someone who knows more about it. So on your journey to travel to some of the top tourist destinations in the city, be sure to meet the locals and befriend them. Who knows, you just might find your one true love in the process!