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Planning Your First Trip with a Ukrainian Woman

Traveling with Ukrainian Women
Learn tips on how to properly plan your first romantic trip
with your Ukrainian woman.

So you’ve found the perfect Ukrainian woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’ve spent one delightful evening dating in Ukraine with her, exchanging sweet nothings while staring into her dark, enchanting eyes and enjoying the sight of her gorgeous smile. You feel like you already know her like the back of her hand. You should not be so sure of this, just yet.

Before you get ahead of yourself and make her your Ukrainian bride, you should get to know each other first on a deeper level than just knowing each other’s favorite colors. Living together is an option, but that might be too soon, and your conservative Ukrainian girl might not be agreeable to the idea. Take note that most women in Ukraine have a more traditional mindset than Western women.

So what’s a better way to find out if you and your girlfriend are the perfect match for each other? By traveling and taking your first couples trip together.

When going on a vacation as a couple, there are things about the person that come to light that you wouldn’t otherwise have discovered about them if you were just seeing each other for a few nights a week. Before you start writing down wedding plans or thinking about the pros and cons of marrying a Ukrainian woman, it might be better to go on a trip together as a couple first.

To avoid problems on your romantic getaway, always plan your trip with each other in mind.

Ukrainian Women Appreciate a Travel Budget

Unless one or both of you are multimillionaires and can afford splurging on reservations for a five-star hotel every night or have your own private plane, a budget is essential so both of you know your limitations in terms of travel expenses.

Conversations about money might be uncomfortable, but this is a discussion you need to have with each other, especially if one of you earns less than the other. Set a budget that both of you would feel comfortable with but that still allows you to enjoy your trip and indulge in wonderful experiences with each other. The trip may not be so fun if you have to constantly swipe your credit card.

Trips with Ukrainians Do Not Need to Last Forever

At the moment, you might feel like you can spend the rest of your life with your Ukrainian woman, through sickness and in health, until death do you part. But when the connecting flight to your destination just got canceled and your partner is too busy having a mental breakdown instead of dealing with the situation and helping to find an alternative, you might think otherwise. Then again, you might discover that your partner is an angel and is a pro at dealing with unexpected roadblocks.

For your first trip together you’re better off planning a short weekend trip together to somewhere nearby. You’re still getting to know each other, so a short trip is a great way to test the waters. As time passes and you get to know each other on a deeper level, you can plan longer trips. You could even take a weeklong road trip across the country, if both of you like the idea.

Choose a Destination That You'll Both Enjoy

Many Western men travel to lots of places and have their share of exciting trips. This is no time to be lording it over your partner by choosing places you’ve already been to and are familiar with. You do not want to treat your Ukrainian girlfriend like a mail order bride. Going to a place that both of you have never been to will add excitement to your relationship and allow you both to really explore the place and each other.

Go to separate corners and write down individual lists of the destinations you’ve always wanted to go to. Afterward, share your lists with each other. There’s a good chance that you’ll have a few places in common. Choose a destination that really makes the both of you excited and raring to visit.

Ukrainian Women Crave Alone Time

Just because you’re a couple doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking moment with your Ukraine girl. The saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder “ remains true even when you’re on a romantic holiday.

As a couple, you are bound to have individual interests that you don’t mutually share. It would be good to take advantage of that by planning activities that allow both of you to go off on your own and participate in solo activities. Taking some alone time every once in a while will make both of you miss each other, thus making every moment you’re together a special one.

Women from Ukraine Adjust Well to Most Situations

This doesn’t just refer to the adjustments you’d inevitably have to make when you encounter roadblocks on your trip but also to those both of you have to make for each other.

All of us have our own quirks. Some of the things you do might seem strange to your partner and vice versa. But as long as it’s not a serious red flag or an actual personality disorder, it shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of your trip or your love for each other.

How Traveling Affects Your Relationship with Ukraine Women

Traveling together will either allow you to become closer or it might make you realize you’re not the right fit. Going to unfamiliar countries and exploring exotic sights while being around each other 24/7 can bring out certain sides that neither of you expected to see, whether in a good or bad way.

For many couples, going on a trip is a “make it or break it” experience as it can spell either a deeper, more intimate stage in their love or the actual demise of their relationship. That said, Ukrainian women are said to be charming and loyal to their men, so in all likelihood, you’d be in for the happier ending—that of marrying a Ukrainian woman.

It does not matter if you met in person, on dating sites or via social media - travel exposes our true self.

Ultimately, if both of you have no serious issues with each other, there’s no problem or issue that a heart-to-heart talk and a little sense of humor can’t resolve. Your love for each other, if it’s strong enough, should overcome whatever obstacles life may throw at you and your Ukrainian woman.