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Date Night: The Most Romantic Spots in Odessa Ukraine

Discover 4 of the best date spots in Odessa Ukraine.
An empty park in Odessa Ukraine during sunset.

The women of Odessa Ukraine are among the most beautiful in the world, which is fitting considering the city is just as enchanting. You could even say that it is one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Part of its allure is the seamless meld of laidback Mediterranean culture and the hustle and bustle of a modern metropolis.

This city can be an ideal dating destination due to its romantic atmosphere. From the ancient architecture to its parks, monuments and even just their beautiful tiled sidewalks, Odessa has so much to offer for a romantic rendezvous.

Since there are plenty of sights to choose from, we decided to narrow down the list for you. Below are 4 of the best and most romantic dating spots the city of Odessa has to offer:

Mother-in-Law Bridge

This is similar to the Pont des Arts Bridge in Paris. Couples hang padlocks on the bridge to signify their love for their significant other, which is a common practice among Europeans. Unfortunately, the city does not allow anyone to hang padlocks anymore because of the bridge’s fragile structure. However, there is a large metal heart on the western side so that people can hang their padlocks there instead.

Duke de Richelieu Monument

At the top of the Potemkin Steps, you would find the Duke de Richelieu monument. Although a Frenchman, the duke was highly regarded by the citizens of Odessa because the city prospered under his reign as governor and subsequently as governor-general. Today, the monument is regarded as some sort of a lucky charm by its citizens. In fact, students who are about to take an exam would stop by for luck.

Dniester Delta National Park

If you fancy a more adventurous date, then head to this nature reserve. The Dniester Delta National Park is one of the most diverse parks in Ukraine in terms of wildlife. With 188 bird species, 45 types of mammals, there’s definitely plenty to see. There’s also a lot of picnic spots in the area, so you and your date can enjoy a romantic meal set with a scenic and picturesque backdrop.

Primorsky Boulevard

This short street is considered by many as the heart of the city. On this street, you can find many of Odessa’s architectural attractions lending an old-world feel. You can also find the city’s two most famous statues, namely the Duke de Richelieu and Alexander Pushkin monuments. But the ideal time to visit would be at night because that is when the boulevard truly comes to life. The trees are lit up with colorful lights, making it a romantic spot for couples. You and your date could cap off your evening by taking a stroll in Primorsky Boulevard.

Now that you know the romantic spots in Odessa, the only thing left for you to do is find the perfect companion. Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful and single Ukrainian women for you to choose from. This is just one of the few cities on earth where its women are just as beautiful as the city.