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The Most Ideal Time to Visit Odessa Ukraine

The famous National Opera Theater in Odessa Ukraine
Come visit Odessa Ukraine and you might just find the
one for you.

The National Opera Theater, Odessa Catacombs, and the Monument to an Orange - these are just some of the attractions you can visit in Odessa, Ukraine. It is no wonder the city is called “The Pearl of the Black Sea.” And living within this gem of a city are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Considering how beautiful the women of Odessa are, there’s a big possibility that you might just go home with a new found love after your quick visit in the city.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Odessa is located just south of the country’s capital, Kiev. It faces the Black Sea and is located along the north of Dniester river. It used to be a Greek settlement up until it was conquered by Empress Catherine the Great of Russia. Because of its ideal location, she decreed the city as a free port. It is considered one of the most visited cities in Ukraine because of its rich history and culture. Should you visit, you, too, would be enchanted by the city’s charm.

But just like any other place on earth, there are specific times of the year when it is best to visit the city. Here are the best seasons to travel to Odessa for you to make the most out of your trip:

Peak Seasons

Most tourists visit during the winter months, particularly in December. This is because the city just transforms during winter season. There are also some opera productions during this time of year, which is one of the premiere activities of the city.

October is also a busy time for the city. The weather during this time is not too cold nor is it too warm. The climate is just right to explore around.

However, expect the hotel prices to be much more expensive during these periods considering they are peak seasons. Another challenge is that there is a chance that there aren’t that many rooms available because most accommodations are fully booked. So if you are to make a trip during this time of year, you better make reservations ahead of time.

The busiest time of all

Odessa’s busiest month is July because it is at the height of summer. Due to its strategic location being near the Mediterranean area, the city is an ideal coastal destination.

Millions of tourists visit during this time of year to hit the many beautiful beaches and get a tan. Expect hotels and flights to be much more expensive during this month. Some accommodations are even at full capacity weeks or months before July. But if you book in advance (preferably a year ahead), then you might be lucky enough to get a room.

Ideal time to avoid the crowd

Most tourists will tell you to visit during November. Not only is the weather just right but the hotel rates are much cheaper during this time of year too. The average rate of accommodations is around $55 per night.

You wouldn’t have to worry about spending a fortune in Odessa either because the goods and services there are fairly cheap. There’s essentially so much you can do at a meager cost.

And once you’ve decided on the ideal time to travel, the next step would be to plan your itinerary. If you are planning on going out on a few dates in Odessa, make sure to allocate time to meet some beautiful Ukrainian women. Through this, you might find a worthy companion during your trip.