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Signs Ukrainian Women Want an Exclusive Relationship

A close-up photo of a beautiful Ukrainian woman with blue eyes
Know when Ukrainian women want to make things exclusive
with you. Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

No matter how long you’ve experienced dating Ukrainian women, you have to understand that these ladies tend to show different behaviors that will indicate whether or not they want to move forward with your relationship.

Think about it, how sure are you that an exclusive relationship is what they want?

Most of the time, just as you have to sit down and talk about how you feel for one another, you would also need to discuss what it is you both want. Are you in it for the long haul? Are you on the same page about wanting to be in a committed relationship?

Waiting for your partner to bring up the topic first will not only make you look like you’re unsure of your intentions, but you will also be giving the impression that dating exclusively is not worth talking about.

Try to understand. Women in Ukraine like to be chased. This is because they want to be assured of a man’s intentions, such as how serious he is about pursuing them and how far he is willing to go to win their hearts.

Perhaps, like you, your lady is feeling nervous about having to bring up the boyfriend and girlfriend talk. Who’s to know she’s simply waiting for you to say that you want to make things official — after all, aren’t you the one who’s courting her?

It’s not typical for a Ukrainian woman to prefer a casual relationship, and since women are complicated creatures, there’s no telling when they’re starting to catch feelings. Of course, the best way to know if you’re both on the same page is if you just talk about it. Then again, if you believe that this is not something you’re good at, well, luckily, you have another option — simply watch out for the signs.

The following are just some of the most common indicators that will help you determine if a Ukrainian girl is ready to be in an exclusive relationship with you:

  1. She's been in a long-term relationship.

    Have you had talks about previous relationships already? While not all past experiences necessarily mean you can predict someone’s behavior and decision-making capability, they can give you more insight as to how you should approach certain topics. Since she’s already dated someone for a long time, perhaps it’s a good way of knowing that short-term relationships aren’t her thing.

    While you’re at it, try gauging her thoughts on commitment and exclusivity. Ask what her goals are, as well as her preferences in a relationship and a partner. Dating a Ukrainian girl might be an exciting experience for you, but when it comes to serious matters concerning the status of your relationship, always be at your best behavior and listen attentively when she’s talking.

  2. She doesn’t play games and prefers having deep talks with you.

    The thing about beautiful Ukrainian women is that they are not fans of beating around the bush. If they like you, they will make time for you. If not, they will simply tell you. As such, you should be able to do the same.

    Any woman who is interested in keeping you will not hesitate to have deep and meaningful conversations where you can get to know each other better. Forget about the text response rules — if she’s serious about you, she will not hesitate to respond to your calls and texts. She will not ghost you or slowly fade away until you stop communicating with each other entirely. Online or offline, she will want to spend a lot of time with you in order to see if your relationship is headed somewhere.

    Surface-level topics such as the weather, work, or current events are only brought up to pass the time, whereas conversations where you can get to know each other on a deeper level are handled with sincerity and care.

    Ukrainian women who don’t just want a casual fling will not have second thoughts about opening themselves up to you. More so, they will be very interested in learning about you as much as they can, especially your childhood memories, family, opinions and beliefs, your future goals, and of course, they would want to talk about these things from their point of view as well.

    Being comfortable and willing to create a genuine bond by having deeper talks is a good indication that she’s looking forward to making things exclusive with you.

  3. She talks about the future.

    Ukrainian girls are mostly marriage-minded, so once they talk much about the future, especially one that involves you, it only means that they’re serious about your relationship. If you think about it, why would they bother sharing about their plans and goals if they don’t intend to be with you for long?

    Your lady will want to know what you have in mind for the future, and deep inside, hopes that you’re still together by then. She will ask about your career, whether or not you want to get married and have kids, where you see yourself in five years, and so on.

    Be mindful of how you approach this topic, and observe how she initiates anything concerning your future as well. She may invite you to a concert that’s three months from now or ask you to accompany her as a plus one to a wedding she will be attending. If you know how to correctly respond to these invitations, your relationship is sure to move forward.

  4. You’ve already met the important people in her life.

    You've spent an ample amount of time with each other, and the two of you have already met the most important people in your lives — family, relatives, friends, and even pets. Girls tend to be wary of the guy they let their friends know about, so if you’ve met her circle, it’s possible that she already asked them to share their honest opinions about you as well, which is a sure sign that she wants to take your relationship to the next level.

    If you notice Ukrainian women showing these signs, perhaps it’s time for you to make the next move and let your intentions be known. Part of the Ukrainian dating culture is being able to tell when women are ready to be exclusive with you, so be prepared and confidence will follow.