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Dating Tips | Why Your Polar Opposite Can Be Good for You

A photo of a couple by the bay
With the following dating tips and advice, you’ll understand
more about how and why opposite personalities tend to
attract each other.

They say that opposites attract. At least that’s what the law of magnetism dictates. According to nature, two forces of opposite poles attract each other, as if they were destined to be together. But does this scientific principle apply to our personal lives? Should the natural order of things have a say in our romantic relationships? Should we consider dating tips and advice as forms of scientific principles? If opposites naturally attract each other, does the same concept apply to two human beings who are complete opposites? Are they destined to be together as well?

At the sum of it all, how two people are attracted to each other can’t be determined by one variable. There are many things to consider in a relationship and being opposite in terms of preferences and personality doesn’t necessarily indicate the success or failure of romance. After all, the law of nature doesn’t teach us how to make a new relationship work. Instead, we can only observe and reflect on certain aspects that help make a relationship work. While many couples who are opposite to one another find ways to make their relationship work, the same can’t be said for others. So today, we’ll be talking about how and why couples with opposite personalities tend to attract each other, including how and why it can work for you as well.

You learn from each other’s perspectives.

A photo of a man and woman in a cafe, talking to each other
Find out how you can gain a better perspective of your
partner’s personality with the help of proper dating tips.

If you’re in a relationship where you and your partner are so different, it simply means that you both see the world from entirely different lenses. As you both get closer, begin to love each other more, you will start to see the world from their eyes, and they yours.

Perspectives matter in relationships in a way that you have to consider each other’s differences, and still choose to love one another despite them. If you reach a point in your relationship where you both get along perfectly well, then you have garnered a sense of perspective that is far greater than what you had before you were still starting to get to know each other.

You both learn to compromise.

A photo of a man taking a photo of a woman on a beach
Happy and healthy relationships require efficient love
advice every now and then.

Being aware of each other’s perspectives can also lead to greater understanding and empathy. This means that even if both of you don’t always see eye to eye, you will still be able to create common ground. This is an amazing thing to have in a relationship as it shows mental and emotional maturity. And this is a piece of love advice couples should learn to keep in mind.

To achieve a loving relationship, it isn’t necessary for you and your partner to always agree on everything. This isn’t what helps create a successful relationship. Every once in a while, of course, you will both encounter disagreements and misunderstandings. There is no such thing as no relationship problems. Even if you don’t agree on certain things, you can always make room for compromise. Adjusting and compromising just to ensure your partner’s happiness, comfort, and satisfaction is just part of how the dating process works. Ultimately, it all boils down to how both partners help bring out the best in each other despite their differences.

You’ll come to value communication more.

A photo of a man and woman having a conversation inside a restaurant
Always know how to care for your loving relationship with
your partner.

When you talk about the things you love, your partner will listen because they love you. And there’s no doubt that you’d do the same for them. You are both sharing your passions in life with one another. You’re both sharers, and at the same time, listeners. Being able to truly listen to each other when needed is one of the essential aspects of a healthy and successful relationship.

The way your partner thinks will always be a wonder to you. The thoughts that come and go in their head will always be something that interests you. So whenever they share their intimate thoughts and feelings with you, the love you have for them will naturally make you inclined to listen. As someone who isn’t exactly similar to you in terms of interests and preferences, you have to be open to understanding how they perceive life itself.

That’s why it’s very true when they say that communication is the key to better relationships, as well as better understandings.

You can keep each other grounded.

A photo of a man and woman’s feet on the ground with the woman’s tiptoeing
Being able to find love and happiness in your relationship is
such a fulfilling experience.

Couples with opposite personalities will experience a lot of scenarios where one is able to soar, while the other simply cannot. In certain instances, one might feel that they’re being held back. In this sense, the person who can soar will help lift the other up when needed. And in other cases, the person who realizes the necessity for humility will be able to keep the other grounded.

This give-and-take type of relationship is common among couples who are opposite to each other, and it’s most certainly one of the reasons why these relationships tend to work. You’ll be able to dream when you don’t realize that you have to, and you will learn to be humble when you don’t realize you have to be.

You’ll obtain new hobbies and skills.

A photo of a couple sitting on a cliff, overlooking a valley
There’s nothing wrong with seeking love advice on how
to make your relationship flourish.

The world is a fascinating place. There are so many things for us to experience but may never be able to due to lack of time and luxury. But sometimes, when we meet someone who is the opposite of what and who we are, they will most likely impart a thing or two to us that we have never heard of or considered before. Things like hobbies and skills that you have never thought you wanted to delve into will start to become interesting to you, and you’ll want to learn them for yourself.

Say you’re someone who is generally a home buddy and the most exciting thing you can do is drive around the countryside to go fishing or hunting. Then you meet someone whose adrenaline and sense of adventure make you want to take delight in extreme and daring activities. You start falling for this person and you will begin to see the world in their eyes. You will become interested in doing extreme activities which you never even considered doing, and will begin to find joy in doing so. They, in return, will find relaxation in the things you enjoy. Again, a give-and-take kind of relationship.

Being in a relationship with someone who is so different from you may lead to dating anxiety. But this is completely normal as the relationship is just beginning. However, if you and your partner truly love one another, nothing will be able to stand in your way. Not even your differences. Your differences will never hinder you, and they may even help you both become stronger. The more you learn from one another, the closer you become and the healthier your relationship will be.

Once again, not having the same interests, personalities, and preferences as the person you love or have become attracted to won’t determine the success of your relationship with them. One never knows if a relationship will work out or not, and the best thing you can do is simply give it a try. Give it your best. And if you genuinely want to find love, doing your best to ensure a happy and loving relationship will come easily and naturally to you, regardless of opposite personalities. And with the right dating tips and advice in hand, you’ll be able to achieve the relationship you long to have.