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Ukrainian Women Outnumber Men 10 to 1 at Odessa Dating Event

Get an insider view of one of our well-known modern dating events. Learn how you can travel to Odessa Ukraine to meet the woman of your dreams.

Eastern Europe is home to some of the world's most beautiful women and lucky for you, a good number of these women are single and are looking for a man to marry. According to recent statistics, European women outnumber their male counterparts by huge numbers. This means that about 50% of women in Ukraine don't have a male partner -- which means more opportunities for western men.

To remedy this difficulty and to help Ukraine women find someone to marry, marriage and dating agencies created numerous opportunities for foreign men to meet single women.

Modern dating events work as an avenue for men to socialize with Ukrainian women and earn a chance to date and build relationships with these beautiful girls. Additionally, matchmaking agencies have utilized the power of online dating by using dating apps and social media to connect western men and Ukrainian girls who are compatible with each other. This method has proved to be successful and has gained popularity over the years.