All European tours will be on hold until further notice.

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Will Ukraine Tours Return SOON? Dating Ukrainian Women

In spite of the war in Ukraine, many foreign men still wish to guaranty a match with single Ukrainian women. Though beyond the bounds of possibility, interested foreigners long for the days when dating Ukrainian women in Odessa was as simple as booking a flight and finding a good matchmaker.

While some Slavic women yearn for the same thing, Ukrainian matchmakers believe actual dating in Odessa to be outside the realm of possibility for the time being. Until the war ends and Ukraine rebuilds, international introductions are halted in Odessa and all other Ukrainian cities.

Also, meeting foreign men at speed dating events likely remains the last thing Ukrainian women have in mind right now. Yes, several women in Ukraine want to charm men but due to some circumstances, it would be troublesome for them to travel from place to place and go on dates. Most Slavic women in Eastern Europe aren’t financially capable to do so.

Some dating alternatives are presented by local matchmakers to allow single men and Ukraine women to still communicate online to secure their dream of making connections, leaving foreigners with a piece of crucial advice.

Guys should know when to sign an affidavit of support for Ukrainian girls, as such agreements are binding and make them responsible for the refugee fleeing to the United States. Exchanging a few messages with women in Ukraine shouldn’t give men an idea of bringing someone to the US. It’s different when you’re in a relationship or at least have seen each face-to-face. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for a total stranger who you have compatibility issues with down the road.