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Why Ukrainian Women STILL PURSUE Foreigners in 2023

However, the outbreak of war has brought about a sense of despair and hopelessness among many single Slavic women, including those living in Odessa.

While men seldom feel pressured by societal expectations related to age, women face the burden of their biological clocks. In general, Ukrainian women are more aware of the limited time they have for starting a family due to biological factors.

With the war casting an uncertain shadow over their future, countless single Eastern European women in Ukraine have become increasingly concerned about their prospects. Marriage and starting a family have taken on greater importance for them, as the duration of the war remains unknown.

The lack of opportunities within Odesa has forced many Ukraine girls to look beyond their borders in search of better bachelors. The desire for a brighter future is a natural human aspiration, and it is not wrong for these Ukrainian women to want a beautiful life. The war has further fueled Slavic women’s motivation to find foreign partners among an interested tribe of men who may offer stability and security, as well as the possibility of building a family in a more nourishing environment.