All European tours will be on hold until further notice.

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Are Ukrainian Women’s New Locations VERIFIED?

The war in Ukraine has urged many Ukrainian women to relocate somewhere in Europe as refugees and start anew. But since the country has been a popular dating destination for countless single men around the world, many can’t wait to know the whereabouts of Slavic women and what the agency’s plans are for matchmaking in the future.

One thing’s for sure: the locations where Ukrainian women have relocated are being verified by our matchmakers. Men can see the women’s new locations on their dating profiles. Ukrainian matchmakers are still in the process of updating each profile.

As much as Ukrainian matchmakers want to organize dating events in Eastern Europe, the war makes it impossible for many Slavic women to travel elsewhere and pursue foreign men for meaningful connections.

Ukrainian women who relocated somewhere in Europe may still be planning to return to Ukraine once the war ends. Even if there are Ukrainian girls who remain in Ukraine, it’s still unsafe for such tours to take place while fighting continues throughout their country.

Yes, Eastern European women are still pursuing men dating in Ukraine but not necessarily through live interactions. We cannot easily open new offices where the women relocated but that doesn’t mean men can’t date Slavic women anymore. There are alternatives in which interested men can possibly use to reach Ukraine women and guaranty a match.