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Where Should You POP The Question?丨Marrying Ukraine Women

One of the most exciting parts of Ukraine women’s lives is marriage. Even at an early age, it is something that they have already planned for, thus, expecting a memorable marriage. Despite the lack of understanding about the challenges that marriage has brought, Ukrainian women still dream of being married to the one they love and celebrate the love of a lifetime.

So, as a man yourself, it is part of your duty to give her a noteworthy marriage proposal too. A Ukrainian girl may not mention it to you but she is expecting a sweet proposal. However, this isn’t something you should worry too much about. Ukraine women are only after the sentimental value of the proposal itself; spending a large amount of money is not needed.

If you are that someone who already found ‘the one’ through this speed dating events and ready to present the ring but don’t have any idea where and how to do it, here’s a couple of proposal ideas that might save you:

Picking a location that has a sentimental value to the both of you always works. You can either choose the place where you first met, her favorite place of her hometown, a botanical garden, or somewhere else that is impactful to your relationship.

Having a trip down memory lane will surely make a happy-tears-inducing engagement proposal too. You can fill her room with photos on the wall or create a video montage. Something that will remind both of what you have been through together will also make an impact. This idea is a very popular romantic approach which is perfect for someone who likes a simple yet intimate proposal.

If you still run out of ideas as to what to do, you can pick a themed proposal based on her interests or ask for help from her family and closest friends. The latter will surely be helpful too.