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The Importance of a Healthy Self-Image in Dating

A man looking at the mirror

“Love yourself,” “healthy self-image,” and “positive self-esteem” are some of the many phrases you’ll find posted across different social media platforms. In the flea market of ideas, influencers and public figures sell the idea that physical and mental self-improvement is healthy.

However, current international etiquette tells men phrases like “don’t be full of yourself,” “narcissism is evil,” “being humble is a virtue,” or other such phrases that run along this line of thinking.

On the one hand, men are being asked to take care of themselves with activities like going to the gym, taking up martial arts, or learning another craft. At the same time, they are being told not to go too far with their behaviors.

So how should men cultivate themselves in our current dating environment?

Why Having a Healthy Self-Image is Okay

If you ever ask yourself this question “Am I number one?” Then the answer is a big YES!

No amount of reinforcement to this idea should be spared. Even if you subscribe to a kind of moral altruism (a moral ideology that revolves around others) YOU are still just as much in consideration as any other person.

In short, even you cannot make yourself a stepping stone for another without a just reason.

Apart from such justification, people generally have an idea about themselves within the background of how they see their life. For example, if you see yourself as flawed, you may interpret neutral interactions as criticism and that can weigh you down.

So, how do I start?

First, take stock of your identity both physically and mentally and evaluate what you would like to improve about yourself. Next, focus on what you can control and build slowly since this is not a one-day fix. Make concrete plans and routines to follow.

If your project is to reduce weight, do some research on exercise programs and do the workouts, or if you want to spend money on it, enroll in your local gym. If it is fashion sense, go online and find a look you feel comfortable in and show your best you. If it’s posture, research proper posture, and stand proud.

Of course, it is recommended in all projects to work with friends and most especially licensed professionals.

How This Affects One’s Dating Life

Strong men are attractive to women. It’s not a big surprise and it fits with human evolutionary biology. Physical strength shows itself in the form of muscular strength, having a good immune system, and having calories.

Charismatic, fun, and confident men also contribute to their attractiveness. Wit and emotional intelligence factor in well for women since it’s not just a man’s ability to put food on the table, but also the ability to meet long-term emotional needs.

So, should improving yourself to get a woman’s approval be the only reason to improve yourself?

Remember, YOU come first.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough. It is stated that before you can share from one’s cup, it must be full at the start. You do not exist to serve any man or woman at your expense. So, learn to love yourself first and then share that love with your future partner.

This story was originally published on Medium: The Importance of a Healthy Self-Image in Dating