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Dating Ukrainian Women | Topics to Avoid on Your First Date

A beautiful Ukrainian woman
Learn what topics should be avoided when dating
Ukrainian women.

First dates can be tough. For some, preparing for that special day would take a huge amount of time and effort. But if you're serious about finding a lifetime partner among gorgeous Ukrainian women, you need to overcome feeling nervous and unprepared. These ladies are very meticulous when it comes to choosing their partners. And whether your interest is in dating or marrying a Ukrainian woman, you have to be ready to make a good impression first.

If you're new to the Ukrainian dating culture, no worries. Simply think of it as any other first date scenario with a woman you’re particularly interested in. Although there is no assurance that your first date would be a successful one, there are ways for you to prevent it from falling apart. One thing to consider is making sure your conversations are going smoothly and on the right track. To help you out with that, here are a number of topics that you should ideally avoid during your date with a lovely Ukrainian woman:

  1. Past relationships - Talking about your ex is definitely something she wouldn’t want to hear on your first date - or ever. Bringing up this topic might imply that you haven’t moved on. Unless she asks you, you can share a little bit about it, but don't go into the details. Emphasize that you’d rather get to know her better, or simply change the topic. And as much as possible, don’t ask about her past relationships either.

  2. Money - If there’s something you should know about women in Ukraine, it’s that they favor genuine love and companionship over fortune and high social status. Avoid talking about how much or how little you earn. They're not up for that. Instead, focus on topics that would help you understand her more as a person. In doing so, you can determine how to earn her love someday.

  3. Politics - It’s not advisable to talk about politics on your first date as this could often lead to unnecessary arguments. Unless you've known each other for quite a while, then you can ask for her opinion on certain topics relating to politics.

  4. Sexual interactions - Don't even try to tell her about your sexual fantasies. These girls are not into hook-ups. Most of them would even wait until after marriage before engaging in this type of topic. So be sure to refrain from talking about this to prevent scaring her away.

  5. Marriage - You just met this girl, so don't talk about how ready you are to marry her in the near future. It might give her the wrong impression and make her doubt your intentions. You may save this topic for a later time.

  6. Work - It's okay to tell her about what you do for a living, but don't bore her by talking about the technicalities of your job. This would often cause awkward silences as there’s a big possibility that she wouldn't be able to relate to it anyway. First dates are all about easy-going conversations. So, find a topic that's lighthearted and would interest the both of you.

In getting to know more about Ukrainian women, there’s no need for you to have a big budget or an impressive lifestyle. Knowing what questions are ideal to ask and which ones aren’t is enough to get you going. Plus, all the resources you need to know more about these women can be found on our site. Feel free to learn what you can as you pursue your dream to date Ukrainian women from Odessa, Ukraine!