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4 Dating Tips on How to Avoid Coming On Too Strong

A man in a red sweatshirt getting cozy with a blonde girl.
Avoid coming on too strong with these simple yet effective
dating tips. | Photo by cottonbro on pexels

Have you ever been out on a great date only to not hear from your date again afterward? You can’t help but wonder what could have gone wrong.

While the only way to know for sure is to ask your date, another possible explanation is that you may have came on too strong for her. She might have felt that you were too eager and aggressive throughout your whole interaction.

But rather than dwelling too much on what could’ve been and blaming the world for why you can’t seem to find love, the best course of action is to actually examine yourself and try to change for the better. After all, the secret to finding love is not giving up on it in the first place.

To help you avoid coming on too strong during your future dates, here are some dating tips you can follow:

With these dating tips and relationship advice, you can show interest in her but at the same time respect her personal space. You don’t want to pressure your date into seeing you again out of pity. It’s better to let her figure out on her own that she does want to see you again. This confirms that the connection between you two is real and not imagined.