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Should You Bring Up Your Ex to Ukrainian Women?

Ukrainian woman holding her chin and smiling
It’s not bad talking about your ex to Ukrainian women
but there are right ways and time to do that.

There’s a right time and way for everything. But for new relationships, especially with Ukrainian women, it’s best to put aside conversations about your ex and get to know each other first.

What else would she think if you keep on wistfully mentioning about your previous lover? If you can’t help but bring up your ex, this only spills the fact that you haven’t gotten over her yet. Your date might even think that she’s just the rebound.

Which begs the question: Should you or should you not bring up your ex? The answer largely depends if you’re doing it right. Being transparent about your past relationships is an important part of building and strengthening your new relationship, especially when you’re dating Ukrainian girls.

These ladies are the assertive and confident kind. If honesty is one of the characteristics of a life partner you are looking for, expect to talk about your relationship history sooner or later when dating a Ukrainian lady.

But only bring up conversations about ex when you’re ready. As long as you have a valid reason, it doesn’t matter if you spill out (or just drop pieces of information along the way) your past relationship as early as day one.

For some reason, people are pretty wary when it comes to talking about past relationships—some would even consider it a red flag. However, your past shaped the person you’ve become. As long as you go about it the right way, there’s no reason you shouldn’t talk about your exes.

Here are other reasons why being honest about this issue matters when dating beautiful Ukrainian women:

It gives her insight to who you really are

As mentioned earlier, if you want to start with honesty and sincerity when dating women in Ukraine, then show her the real you. Your past relationship is always going to be part of you. If you already reflected on the experience, you can show her how the experience shaped you, especially after the breakup.

In every experience, there’s always lessons you can learn. But when you’ve finally accepted what happened, that shows you’ve already moved on and your date will probably see that. What’s more, she’ll see how much you grew from your mistakes. What woman wouldn’t appreciate a man like that?

Recalling your past relationship helps you not to repeat them

During a break up, your brain processes the experience in pretty much the same way you feel physical pain. Because of that, you would most likely try to find out what went wrong—especially when you’re the one left behind. You analyze what happened and even find out what caused the pain.

Remembering your mistake , the breakup, and the pain that came along with it allows you to fully understand how you can make things better the next time.

It encourages you to have open communications with each other

When you start being more transparent with a potential life partner, open communication follows. If you want your relationship to end up in marriage, being honest with each other from the start will prove to be an advantage over the long run.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Talking About Exes

When opening a conversation about your past relationship with a woman you found via Ukrainian mail order brides (or in a traditional way), timing means everything. Ideally, don’t blabber about your dating history in the early part of the relationship. If you do, you’ll seem like just another guy who hasn’t gotten over his ex.

However, curiosity will always get the best of us. If you want to know her previous relationships, prepare to reveal your own history. If you don’t, things would get awkward at—or, worst case scenario, you end up arguing.

Here are some of the most important things to take note of when your date asks you about your past relationship (or when you already want to bring the topic to the table):

Don’t be vague about the breakup details

Sometimes, it’s what you don’t say that speaks volumes. While not everything has to be said, being secretive is an entirely different matter altogether. One way you’re being reticent is abruptly changing the subject once your ex-girlfriend is mentioned.

Most women would consider being intentionally vague about your dating background a red flag. It gives them the impression that you aren’t ready to embark on a new relationship and still hung up on the old one.

Do be comfortable mentioning your ex’s name

Talking about your ex doesn’t have to be as awkward as you think it is. The way you react when your ex’s name is mentioned tells a lot because it could reveal how you feel about her. So if you are calm and collected when her name is mentioned, there shouldn’t be any problems.

The same could be said when it comes to how to mention your past partners. Bringing up the subject might be easier when you and your date already follow each other in social media. That’s because the platform is great for conducting a bit of background research. You simply check each other’s previous relationship posts (e.g. relationship status, tags, etc.) to get an idea of what happened.

The point is if both of you already have an idea of each other’s dating history, then it becomes easier to talk about it.

Don’t compare her with your ex

When you dream of marrying a Ukrainian woman, don’t even think about pointing out how similar or different your new date is compared to your past lover. In a relationship, you’re supposed to make your significant other feel good about herself. Drawing parallels between her and your previous partner won’t achieve that.

Do take responsibility for the break up

Should you talk about your ex, might as well mention what you learned from her. By doing this, your Ukrainian date might have the impression you are one of western men that is mature when being in a relationship.

Talking about your ex in a healthy way and not putting the blame all on her shoulders speaks of your maturity. Accepting your part in the breakup also shows a strength of character.

Don’t talk about her in a nostalgic way

If there’s anything that makes it obvious you’re still missing your ex, it’s when you talk about her like this, “You know, she’s good at that,” or, “We used to do this together.” If you can’t stop reminiscing about your past with her, pretty soon your date would start thinking that you want to be with your ex again—not with her.

While it feels good having someone to talk to about your previous relationships, getting too caught up in the past would make your date feel like she’s unwanted.

When you are interested in dating Ukrainian women (particularly Ukraine singles), it’s still prudent to refrain from talking about your dating history during the early stages. But should the time come when it is necessary, keep in mind these tips.